Child Law

Children’s rights are not only set out in and protected by the Constitution. Legislation, regulations, policies and other documents give flesh to the rights set out in the Constitution and provide guidance on implementation necessary to protect these rights.

International Child Law

International Child Law Instruments

International law and domestic human rights litigation in Africa – Magnus Killander (editor) | Download PDF
The role of international law in the development of children’s rights in South Africa: A children’s rights litigator’s perspective (Chapter 10). Karabo Ngidi

United Nations

United Nations Convention On The Rights Of The Child | Download PDF
An international convention that has been ratified by almost all of the nations of the world, including South Africa

United Nations Guidelines For The Prevention Of Juvenile Delinquency | Download PDF
A set of international guidelines for nations to guide the prevention of children becoming involved in crime. Also known as the “Riyadh Guidelines”

United Nations Rules For The Protection Of Juveniles Deprived Of Their Liberty | Download PDF
A set of international rules relating to the care and treatment of all children who have been placed in facilities from which they cannot leave at will. Also known as the “JDLs”

United Nations Minimum Rules For The Administration Of Juvenile Justice | Download PDF
A set of international minimum rules for the administration of juvenile justice. Also known as the “Beijing Rules”

United Nations Guidelines on Justice in Matters involving Child Victims and Witnesses of Crime | Download PDF
Guidelines by the United Nations

United Nations Resolution on Human Rights in the administration of justice, in particular juvenile justice | Download PDF
March 2009

African Charter

African Charter On The Rights And Welfare Of Children | Download PDF
A regional charter ratified by numerous African nations, including South Africa

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