Celebrating Centre for Child Law’s Silver Jubilee!

The Centre for Child Law is acknowledged as a beacon of dedication and excellence. Established in 1998, the Centre’s unparalleled success in championing the best interests of children over the past 25 years, is evidence of CCLs commitment to making children’s rights a reality

This milestone also serves as a tribute to its founding and journey through the years. The devotion of its staff and partners and colleagues has been critical in fuelling effective projects, the generous support of our donors, as well as unwavering support from the University and the Faculty, has been the cornerstone of success under the present Director, Ms Karabo Ozah, and her predecessors Prof Ann Skelton and Founding Director, Emeritus Professor Trynie Boezaart.

In tribute to its illustrious history, a special edition of De Jure was launched, dedicated to the Founding Director, Emeritus Professor Trynie Boezaart. This edition stands as a testament to Prof. Boezaart’s indelible contribution to the development of child law, and will undoubtedly inspire generations to come.

To kick off the 25-year anniversary festivities, the Centre celebrated its Silver Jubilee on Monday, 4 December 2023, at the Hatfield Campus of the University of Pretoria, at the Faculty of Law Auditorium. The Centre hosted esteemed guests, staff, friends of the Centre, and partners at this celebratory event.

Here’s to the next chapter of excellence, innovation, and continued dedication to the well-being and rights of every child.

Find the Special Edition here:
Reflections on Children and Law: Special Edition in Honour of Emeritus Professor Trynie Boezaart, De Jure Volume 56 (2023)


1998 – 2024

Emeritus Prof. Trynie Boezaart

Prof. Ann Skelton

Karabo Ozah
2018 – Current Director

Photo Gallary from the Jubilee Event

Development of the CCL logo over the years


Professor Trynie Boezaart Tribute

CCL Presentation

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