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18 August 2016

Dismay at treatment of young offenders

The Centre for Child Law is dismayed at the treatment of young offenders who were transferred to prison in December last year, despite being sentenced to compulsory residence in a child and youth care centre (CYCC), formerly known as a reform school. The aim of CYCCs is to offer a therapeutic programme designed to develop and care for children securely in terms of a court order.

However, these children were transferred to prison due to the failure of the CYCC to manage them adequately. They have spent the last eight months langusihing in jail and have been denied the same treatment as adult prisoners, such as receiving vistors.

The Centre for Child Law represented these children in an effort to have them released from jail. The Centre received a judgement on Thursday 18 October 2016. The court ordered that the children be transferred to yet another jail without any time periods in place, while new magistrates considered their sentences once again. The Centre is deeply disappointed with this outcome.

Please see our press release for full details and for quotes from our Director, Ann Skelton.

Press release


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