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The Child Rights International Network (CRIN) is developing a series of case studies, which aim to encourage children's rights advocates around the world to use strategic litigation when appropriate. This is done to show how strategic litigation can be used as an effective advocacy tool to challenge children's rights violations.

The CRIN case studies illustrate how strategic litigation works in practice by asking the people involved about their experience. CRIN hopes to depict the human side of strategic litigation by revealing how, why and by whom violations were taken to court.

The Centre for Child Law's cases that dealt with: the decriminalisation of teenagers who engage in consensual sexual activities and the unconstitutionality of automatic placement of children convicted of sexual offences on the National Sex Offenders Register, are part of the CRIN case studies. The case study details the approach taken in the two cases to ensure changes in the law for the protection of children's rights; it also explains the work carried out after judgments were received to ensure that the judgments were implemented.

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