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The Department of Basic Education has criticized the launching of a publication commissioned by the Centre for Child Law, Mud to Bricks, which tracks school infrastructure spending. The Department complains that the report is outdated and misleading.

In fact, the report is dated Jan 2014. After undergoing an editing and reviewing process, it was published earlier this year and had been on the Centre's website for over a month. Parts of the report have already been included in court papers filed several months ago, so the Department has been aware of the report's existence and main findings for some time.

At the official launch of this report that took place on Thursday 22 August 2014, the presentation on the report included up-to-date figures and information that contextualised the report.

The speakers at the publication launch also acknowledged the complexity of the task of replacing inappropriate school structures. However, we must continue to monitor the delivery rate. The LRC on behalf of the Centre, together with 5 schools, obtained an out of court settlement on 22 August 2014 requiring proper plans to be placed on the table. This is despite repeated requests for information to be placed in the public domain the Department had to be taken to court to agree to this process.

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