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LLM in Child Law (04250099)

The LLM in Child Law is presented by the Faculty of Law, University of Pretoria

The LLM programme co-ordinated by the Centre was restructured in 2009 and is now largely focused on practical outputs, current case law and recent developments in all aspects of child law in
South Africa. There are three modules that examine child law in the context of private law, criminal law and constitutional and international law. Practical exams for each of the modules are conducted in the form of a moot court.

Lectures for the course-work masters are presented after hours over a two year period and in addition to the modules, a mini-dissertation is completed. The new and improved approach to postgraduate learning has been met with great approval.

Modules as part of the  LLM Child Law

    • Aspects of Criminal and Criminal Procedural Law pertaining to Children (SSK 802)
    • Aspects of Private Law pertaining to Children (PLC 801)
    • Constitutional and International Law pertaining to Children (GIK 801)

    The following coursework LLM degrees are offered by the Department of Private law:

    • LLM Child Law (04250099)
    • LLM Law of Contract (04250100)
    • LLM Private Law: General (04250085)
    • LLM Private Law: Estate Law (04250086)
    • LLM Private Law: Family Law (04250087)


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      Latest News

      18 May 2018

      Centre for Child Law represented at Continental Conference on Access to Justice for Children in Africa

      On 8 to 10 May 2018, the Centre's Karabo Ozah and Zita Hansungule attended the Continental Conference on
      Access to Justice for Children in Africa held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The Conference was hosted by the African
      Child Policy Forum (ACPF) and Defence for Children International (DCI).

      The discussions and deliberations dealt with a number of issues related to access to justice for children including:
      legal pluralism in Africa and its impact on access to justice for children; access to justice for children in the context
      of armed conflict; vulnerability and access to justice for children; access to justice for children with disabilities in Africa;
      and technology and children's access to justice.

      A new report from ACPF was launched at the conference: "Spotlighting the invisible – Justice for Children in Africa".
      The Centre's Ms Karabo Ozah reflected on the report as a child right's expert. Ms Ozah reflections on the findings of the
      report; highlighted practical realities dealt with in the report; and gave recommendations on the way forward. Ms 
      Hansungule reflected on the litigation and advocacy work that the Centre has engaged in to ensure access for children
      with psychosocial disabilities, in particular children with behavioural difficulties. 

      At the conclusion of the Conference a call to action was adopted by participants. The call to action urged various duty
      bearers to make access to justice a reality for all children on the African continent. The duty bearers include: African
      Governments; AU Organs and Treaty Bodies; The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child; Civil Society Organisations;
      International Non-Governmental Organisations; UN Agencies; Academic Institutions; and Development and Multilateral

      The Centre for Child Law aims to use the report and call for action to enhance their work in protecting and promoting
      the rights of children, in particular access to justice for children, in South Africa and work towards a child-friendly justice

      For more read an article on the University of Pretoria, Faculty of Law website here.





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